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The Baryol's and their German Pinscher!

Ours and Others

We Have Puppies on the Way
They're Due July 2000

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Isis coming home -- Isis takes Best of Breed -- Breson takes Best Male

  The German Pinscher is most often mistaken for a Doberman puppy (or "little Dobie"), large Min Pin, or muscular Manchester Terrier. The breed is actually about 400 years old. If you have or are about to acquire a German Pinscher expect people to notice. Walking Isis (our GP) in our neighborhood has always garnered questions about her breed and exclamations about her beauty and presence. The most common follow up to the initial oos! and ahs! is "What is a German Pinscher and where did you find it?" Well, we have Jim and Sylvia Bragg to thank for where we found her. Now what is she? -- That’s the real question!

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